Tuesday, January 20, 2009


To hear the audio of the memorial service, please click the links below:


Opening Words - Dr. Rus Roach & Mark Edwards leading "Great is Thy Faithfulness"

Homily - Josh Leim

Soloist - Gordon Brown singing "It is Well"

Committal - Dr. Frank Lewis

Closing Hymn - Amazing Grace

Tonight we are grateful for my mom's beautiful life. And for the countless people who have been such a part of it.

To view the slideshow that my amazing friends worked tirelessly to assemble, click the picture of mom above. Thank you all so much for the incredible ways you have loved us in these recent days.


  1. No one can smile, laugh, hug, kiss, hold, embrace so MUCH without the love of Jesus overflowing out of a full heart! Keely, I never met your mom in person but seeing these slides had a contagious effect in my life... I found myself smiling and rejoicing! I can only imagine what it would be to be Debbie's beloved daughter and I can so see her in you. What a heritage of love you have! ~Ceci

  2. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. And it fits the coolest people we have ever known. I can't wait to browse this more leisurely than I can now. Deb and Hamp have always been the most positive people that My Deb and I have known. My thanks to sis Pam and Hugh for introducing us 30 plus years ago! Rus Roach

  3. Ahhhh Keely!
    I have wondered for so long about your parents and where they could be now. I was in the singles dpt.at FBC Nashville in 1988. I LOVED LOVED your parents so much. I remember you and your little bunny rabbit :) ...Your daddy and the most amazing scavenger hunt all over Nashville which incl. watermarks in deposit tickets LOL and wonders galore (what a genius!) and your Mama's sweet little curlies around her face (I can hear her voice!!) I wanted (and still do...)to be just like her!!! I am in ways...I have MS now too.
    Well...thanks for letting me chatter. The video, memories and pics on here make me cry...I'm so glad to see Debbie again :)